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Texas Varmint Hunters Association

The Texas Varmint Hunters Association was formed with you, the predator hunter, in mind. We want everyone that becomes involved with this forum to know that without them our goal cannot be obtained. Our goal is to become a premier site for fellow varmint hunters and callers from every corner of this great state and beyond.
- Varmint hunters are lucky. They’re not limited to sitting in a blind and watching a feeder, they don’t have to maintain a bag limit, and the sport of varmint calling can be practiced year-round. It’s not just about killing either; it’s about getting outdoors and being at one with the creatures that excite our need to be free. As varmint hunters, we have a desire to maintain our craving for knowledge of this growing sport and the pursuit of all things wild. With your help we can trade this knowledge and fulfill these pursuits by exchanging tips, stories, information on events, sharing our passion of varminting, and who knows, maybe even make a friend or two along the way.
- It is our obligation to the users of this site to make sure that all subjects posted are suitable for all audiences, young or old, male or female. So, keep it clean, make it fun, and thank you for your interest in texasvarminthunter.com. Happy hunting!!!!